How to make easily peelable Custom Stickers?

pealable sticker

Custom Stickers are receiving a positive acclaim worldwide. Available in different categories these stickers are a potential means to promote one’s business. These stickers have earned many business entities an illustrious position among their competitors. Among the most popular types Car window stickers, vinyl stickers and wall stickers are the most popular kinds of Custom Stickers.

The adhesive quality of the stickers divides them into permanent and peelable stickers. The former kind once gets affixed to a certain surface cannot be removed. The later one is removable and leaves no residue; in order to remove the scraps mild diluted washing up liquids help. The three commonly kinds of printing used for stickers are litho, screen and digital. The modes of printing are Spot Color or Full Color Printing. Fine quality gloss printing is done on exterior grade, self-adhesive which can be permanent or removable. Whether a sticker is peelable or permanent; it depends upon the varying qualities of printing.

The transparent vinyl stickers are capable of amending to any shape and size; these stickers can be customized to permanent adhesion, peelable adhesives or re-usable or self-clinging stickers. People usually prefer peelable adhesives for promotional activities and advertising because they are easily detachable. Once a campaign is over these stickers can be replaced by  the new ones. The bumper stickers people use in promotional activities easily get detached; this is the reason people change them so frequently. The wall stickers are supreme for visual trading. Pantone range of colors is applied to make re-positionable wall stickers which can be peeled off again and again. The adhesive quality differs a bit for the permanence and easily peelable stickers; during the printing process the experts process the printing in a way their customer has requested, whether it has to be a permanent adhesion, temporary adhesion or reusable adhesion; The whole process of printing is more or less the same except for minor tweaks when the adhesion to a surface material is taken care of.

Vinyl sticker printing

Usually the machinery that is capable of printing at 1440 dpi is considered to be exceptional for sticker printing but that does not turn out to be true in various cases. Most digital printing companies use CMYK ink setups this works for small stickers in solid colors but is not recommended for gradients. The latest technology is CMYKLcLmMtW (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black Light Cyan Light Magenta Metallic and White) which makes it possible to print palpable and permanent stickers with much dexterity. For some stickers which are bigger in size and have multihued color litho printing is preferred because it can print different sizes, colors and huge quantities.

The permanent adhesive stickers are printed on self-adhesive and self-cling vinyl the others which are peelable don’t require this procedure. Another automated technology used for sticker printing is UV High-speed letter press equipment that ensures premium quality product stickers.


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